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If you’ve been injured in a car wreck, on the job, in a store, or any other type of personal injury accident in Miami, you’re probably scared, nervous, and feeling hurt. You may not be sure what to do next, and you’re worried about your health and the condition of your vehicle, or the condition of a loved one. However, if you’ve been hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault, hiring the right accident lawyer in Miami is a great first step.

Many times, insurance can cover injuries from an accident, but if you were not at fault, then your Miami accident attorney can help you get your treatment covered. However, you will need to have your injuries, treatment, and aftercare, including physical therapy, documented for the courts, or the other party’s insurance. Aggressive accident lawyers in Miami will walk you through the process, which can be overwhelming, especially for people still trying to recover and heal.


Choose the Right Accident Attorney in Miami

The team at 388CEDA works with many of the most aggressive Miami accident lawyers and can help you or a loved one if you’ve been injured in an accident. Insurance agencies love to deny claims, and even if yours is strong, you need an aggressive accident attorney in Miami and a lot of documents, including X-rays, physical therapy records, and even statements from EMS responders and the emergency room doctors to pursue your claim.

The most aggressive Miami accident lawyers know how important the right records are when it comes time to fight against big insurance companies. At 388CEDA, we have a great network of accident lawyers in Miami, aggressive attorneys who aren’t afraid of the threats from big insurance companies. The offices of 388CEDA are a one-stop-shop for all injuries related to accidents. Our facilities include a surgical center, diagnostic center, chiropractic center, case managers, surgeons, and other staff on board to care for you every step of the way.

We have specially designed our infrastructure in order to be very thorough about the documentation needed to make your case stronger. Because we’ve dedicated our time and training to help people just like you who have been hurt by an accident, we understand what your aggressive trial attorneys Miami will need for your case. In fact, making a stronger case and ensuring that your Miami accident attorney is skilled at fighting personal injury cases is the most aggressive reason to use 388CEDA!

Professional Care, Expert Accident Lawyers

At 388CEDA, we aren’t attorneys in Miami, but rather a team of professionals, with leading-edge medical equipment to diagnose injuries from an accident, physical therapy, and chiropractor services. We help you feel better and get the treatment you need while documenting every step of the way. This way, your case is strengthened, and often, insurance companies will offer to settle tough cases, instead of appearing to argue your case in a court of law. However, we only work with experienced accident lawyers in Miami, lawyers with expertise in the courtroom and familiar with battling big insurance companies.

However, without the right documentation, by medical professionals, about how each injury occurred and how the accident contributed to your injuries, it can be difficult to get you the settlement and compensation that you are rightfully entitled to. Insurance companies are notorious for declaring that plaintiffs had “pre-existing” injuries, or will claim that the injury, pain, and suffering weren’t caused by the accident. But, when you have proof and photos, aggressive accident attorneys can easily prove your case.


Miami Accident Lawyers

If you’ve been injured in an accident and you need medical treatment, you’ll be pleasantly surprised about how thorough the services of 388CEDA are. We work with a network of professional Miami accident lawyers who have experience with accidents and even wrongful death cases – lawyers who we know work hard for you, their client. We also offer telemedicine services, which allow our physicians and therapists to help with your recovery from the comfort of your home. Should you need orthopedic surgery or other specialized services, we also have comprehensive care, all in one location, and all professionally documented, by health care workers that understand what your attorney will need for your case.

Don’t let big insurance companies scare you off from getting the coverage and settlement that you’re entitled to. 388CEDA prepares personalized assessments for many types of accidents, from slip-and-falls to workplace accidents to car, motorcycle, or pedestrian accidents.

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