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When you get on a bicycle to go for a ride, you expect to get some exercise, get to a particular destination, and enjoy the outdoors. What you don’t expect is to become the victim of an accident whose next destination is the emergency room.

Now you are trying to recover while continuing to receive medical bills and wondering if and when you will be able to return to work. If the unexpected happened to you, a bicycle accident lawyer in Miramar could help. The person who caused your accident may owe you compensation to help with your financial and other concerns.

Bicycle Accidents Caused by Negligence

Negligence is a legal concept. Someone is negligent when they fail to take the same action that another reasonably prudent person in similar circumstances would have taken. Negligence alone does not give merit to an injury case; it is when that negligence causes injuries and damages that a claim may be warranted.

The injured individual’s bicycle accident lawyer in Miramar must be able to establish the following to win an injury claim based on negligence:

  • The at-fault party owed a duty of care such as driving safely and paying attention
  • The bicycle accident lawyer in Miramar violated that duty by speeding, texting, or some other means
  • The at-fault party’s violation of their duty caused the accident, which caused your injuries
  • Because of your injuries, you suffered losses such as medical bills and pain and suffering
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Do Bicycle Accident Cases Settle out of Court?

Litigation is sometimes a long and emotionally taxing process for injured individuals. It is also expensive and draining for the at-fault party and their insurance companies and legal counsel. It is for these reasons that, most of the time, both parties negotiate a settlement.

A settlement is an agreed-upon amount of money that the at-fault party, usually through their insurance company, pays the injured party to drop their claim and not pursue it in court. Sometimes the amount of the settlement is kept confidential. In return, the injured party agrees to drop their claim against the at-fault party forever. Injured parties are not required to accept a settlement. Still, they should consult with their bicycle accident lawyer in Miramar to determine the best course of action. There might be several benefits to settling your case over pursuing it in court that you consider.

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Damages in Bicycle Accident Claims

People who suffer injuries in a bicycle accident might have several damages for which the person who caused the accident or their insurance company owes them compensation. They may be incurring tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills, missing paychecks from being unable to go to work, all the while dealing with pain and physical limitations from their injuries.

Some damages represent financial losses or obligations, and other damages represent intangible losses. Financial or economic damages might include:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Past and future lost wages
  • Travel expenses for medical appointments or treatment
  • Repairs or replacements for your bicycle or other damaged property

Intangible losses or non-economic losses might include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Mental anguish
  • Scarring and disfigurement

You might have other damages not listed here. If you hire a skilled bicycle accident lawyer in Miramar, they could help you determine your damages and fight to get you compensation for them.

How a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Miramar Could Help

To recover from your injuries and be in good health, you seek medical care and take the advice of your care providers. Likewise, to recover from your financial losses, it is wise to seek legal assistance and to adhere to the advice of a knowledgeable bicycle accident lawyer in Miramar.

You are not alone after a bicycle accident. A skilled and compassionate bicycle accident lawyer in Miramar could help you get the compensation you may deserve for your injuries. An experienced attorney could assess the circumstances of your accident to determine if you have a valid claim. If you do, they can explain your rights and legal options.

Attorneys know how a bicycle accident can impact the lives of victims and their loved ones and strive to help you pursue the compensation you may be entitled to. The team at 388CEDA could help you recover from your physical injuries. Upon your request, they can also recommend bicycle accident lawyers in Miramar to help you recover any monetary damages you might be owed. Contact or call us at 1-800-388-CEDA today to learn more.

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