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The trucks that we share our roads with are so massive that any ensuing accidents are certain to be extremely dangerous – and terrifying. In truth – and this only stands to reason – the occupants of the other vehicles involved in truck accidents are far more likely to be seriously injured (or worse) in these accidents than the truck drivers themselves are.

If a negligent truck driver leaves you injured in a truck accident, 388CEDA can provide you with the medical care you need to help regain your health, but we can also recommend – upon your request – an experienced truck accident attorney who can help you on the path toward just compensation from the insurance company involved.

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Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are professional drivers who are governed by strict rules and regulations at both the state and federal level. One of the most important focuses of these restrictions involves hours-of-service guidelines that help to keep exhausted truckers off of our roadways.

The trucking industry is massive, and it is fueled by our bustling economy, which means that the semis with which we share our roads are multiplying. Those truck drivers who fail to take their responsibility to drive safely seriously enough put all of us at increased risk of being injured in life-threatening truck accidents.

Truck Driver Negligence

At the heart of many traffic accidents is driver negligence, and this also holds true for truck accidents. As mentioned, truck drivers are professional drivers, and they are well aware of the dangers posed by their negligence. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of truck driver negligence out there.

Distracted Truckers

There is no place for distraction behind the wheel. Driving safely requires paying careful attention to the road ahead and to the traffic all around. This is especially true for truck drivers – who experience far larger blind spots all the way around their rigs and whose immense weight requires far longer stopping distances.

When a truck driver allows himself or herself to become distracted, danger ensues. Texting has skyrocketed to top position as the most dangerous distraction of all, and truckers who succumb to this temptation behind the wheel make our roads far more dangerous.

Impaired Truckers

No one has to tell you that there are few ideas worse than drinking and driving, but when a truck driver engages in this often-deadly practice things take a turn for the worse. This is why the law has zero tolerance for impaired truck drivers. A motorist who is not in complete control of his or her physical and cognitive abilities should decidedly not be navigating an 80,000-pound machine through traffic.

Drowsy Truckers

As mentioned, truckers are held to strict hours-of-service regulations to help keep dangerously drowsy truckers off the road. Exhaustion leads to many of the same impairments that drunk driving does, which is exactly why the law takes the matter so seriously. The trucking industry is hectic, and truck drivers make their livings by putting miles behind them on the road. This can add up to both trucking companies and truck drivers who are willing to cheat hours-of-service rules and regulations in order to keep on trucking.

Speeding Truckers

Excess speed is exceptionally dangerous – and when the vehicle involved is a massive truck with a massive load, the danger grows exponentially. Speed plays a central role in far too many fatal traffic accidents, including truck accidents. Further, driving at a safe speed is about more than simply adhering to the posted speed limit. Truck drivers – and all drivers – are required to drive at a speed that is safe in relation to all of the following:

  • The condition of the road
  • The traffic on the road
  • The effects of inclement weather on the road
  • Visibility on the road
  • The presence of any obstacles on the road

The adage that speed kills is never truer than when it applies to truck accidents.


Look to 388CEDA for the Help You Need

At 388CEDA, we take great pride in helping truck accident victims like you obtain comprehensive medical treatment, including highly effective pain management, care from board-certified neurosurgeons and orthopedic physicians, chiropractic care, telemedicine, and much more.

Because obtaining just compensation is also important on your journey toward recovery, we can recommend a trusted Hollywood truck accident attorney if you request that we do so. Your recovery matters, so please reach out and call us at 1-800-388-CEDA for more information about what we may be able to do to help you today.

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