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It’s hard to remember how we got around without the convenience of Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies. Hiring a ride when you need it with the tap of an app is about as easy as it gets, but rideshare accidents are dangerous, and rideshare accident claims are complicated. If a rideshare driver’s negligence leaves you injured in a rideshare accident, 388CEDA can provide you with the comprehensive medical care and pain management that you need – in addition to recommending an experienced rideshare accident attorney in Hollywood (upon your request).


How Insurance Coverage Applies

If you’re injured as a result of a rideshare driver’s negligence, you’ll turn to the insurance company involved to cover the damages you suffer but determining which insurance company to file your claim with can be complicated.

The Rideshare Driver Has a Passenger

If the at-fault rideshare driver who caused your accident had a passenger or was on his or her way to pick up a passenger, the rideshare company’s insurance coverage is the appropriate venue for your claim. These companies tend to have robust coverage that should be more than adequate to cover your full range of losses, but this doesn’t mean that the insurance company will do so without you bringing your claim and skillfully advocating for your just compensation in the process (a dedicated rideshare accident attorney can prove invaluable in this process).   

The Rideshare Driver Is Waiting for a Passenger

If the rideshare driver has no passenger at the time of the accident that leaves you injured, the rideshare company’s insurance coverage will pick up where the driver’s personal coverage stops. If you need to go through two different insurance companies, it can obviously complicate the process of obtaining just compensation considerably.

The Rideshare Driver Is Not on the App

If the rideshare driver is not on the app at the time that the injury-causing accident takes place, his or her own insurance coverage is solely responsible for covering your damages. While this coverage may seem obvious, it’s important to note that rideshare drivers are part of the gig economy and that they have to hustle to make a living. As such, it isn’t uncommon for these drivers to toggle between rideshare apps and/or to move in and out of service as rideshare drivers. In other words, the reason the driver who caused your accident is on the road in the first place could be to function as a rideshare driver – but he or she might have momentarily been off the rideshare app when your accident happened.

Rideshare Drivers Face Increased Risks

Driving is an immense responsibility and driving others for pay is even more so. Further, rideshare drivers face additional risks behind the wheel.

Rideshare Drivers Are Not Professional Drivers

Although rideshare drivers transport passengers for pay, they are not commercial drivers in the traditional sense, which means that they do not need a special license or any special experience to do the job – although they face the same increased risks that professional drivers do. 

The Job of Being a Rideshare Driver

Rideshare drivers face all of the following increased risks behind the wheel:

  • They must make frequent stops and starts, which increases the risk that accidents will happen.
  • They must enter and exit traffic frequently, which leaves them more vulnerable to accidents.
  • They must interact with the rideshare app behind the wheel, which can be dangerously distracting.
  • They must keep an eye out for – and locate – passengers in their midst.

Rideshare drivers are not employees of the rideshare companies they work for but are, instead, contract workers, and because they only earn money when they have passengers, many put in more hours behind the wheel than is ideal (regarding safety). 


Rideshare Driver Negligence

Rideshare drivers take on an immense safety responsibility. Nevertheless, rideshare accidents are often caused by driver negligence, which can manifest in all of the following ways:

  • Distraction
  • Exhaustion
  • Impairment
  • Excess speed
  • Aggression

Injured in a Rideshare Accident? Call 388CEDA Today

If you’ve been injured as a result of a rideshare driver’s negligence, the path toward regaining your health and well-being will likely be difficult. At 388CEDA, we can provide you with the full range of medical care and pain management you need, and upon your request, we can also recommend an accomplished rideshare accident attorney who has the skill, experience, and legal insight to help. To learn more about how we may be able to help you, please don’t hesitate to call 1-800-388-CEDA today.

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