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After you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, the road ahead is very daunting. Motorcycle accidents tend to be more severe than a car crash with severe injuries that can permanently alter someone’s life. These injuries can include:

        Traumatic brain injuries

        Spinal cord injuries

        Broken bones

        Road rash and burns

        Internal injuries

        Organ damage

As you can see, each of the injuries above can not only cause you to miss significant time from work, but they can alter the course of your entire life. Sandwiched in between all the pain and upheaval is the fact that you need to worry about receiving financial compensation for your injuries. Simply stated, you and your family cannot financially withstand the loss of an income for an extended period of time.

How Insurance Companies Can Make Your Life Difficult after a Motorcycle Accident

The insurance companies are also thinking of their own finances at this difficult time. Your predicament does not mean as much to them as their profits. They are more afraid of shareholders, so they will start calling you and your family in the days after the accident. If you suffered any one of the injuries above, you are in no condition to speak with the insurance company.

Nor should you speak with the insurance company even if you are able. When the driver was responsible for the crash, their insurance company starts looking out for their bottom line as soon as they can.

This is why you need a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible. However, you may not know the right attorney for you or have the ability to devote any attention to choosing in the face of serious injuries. This is where 388CEDA can help you. We work with a network of motorcycle accident attorneys in Little Haiti and throughout the Miami area. You can request that we recommend an attorney for you, and we will put you in touch with a proven attorney from our network.


How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help You

The motorcycle accident attorney can act as a guide to the legal process. The first thing that they may do is get the insurance company off your back, especially when you tell them to call your attorney instead of talking to you. Hiring a tough attorney can send a message that your legal rights should not be taken lightly, and you are prepared to fight after an accident has left you injured. Insurance companies will need to take you more seriously when they know that you have a zealous advocate on your side.

Beyond that, your attorney can help you through the insurance claims process. This is not something that anyone should attempt on their own, let alone someone who is dealing with serious injuries. The choices and statements that you make during the claims process can determine whether you are able to receive compensation and how much you could get.


You Only Get One Chance for a Motorcycle Accident Settlement

If you agree to a settlement with the insurance company, you will sign a release that says that they can no longer be held responsible for any damages arising out of your motorcycle accident. This is why it is essential that you do not settle for less than you may be entitled to because you will not get a second chance to recover. You need an attorney to know whether a settlement offer that you receive is anywhere close to what is appropriate. Remember that a settlement does not just compensate you for what you already have suffered, but it covers things such as future lost wages and pain and suffering.

At 388CEDA, we make it our mission to help motorcycle accident victims address their most pressing needs after an accident. Your two biggest concerns after the crash are legal and medical. We have physicians on staff who offer the following services:

  • Telemedicine
  • Imaging services, including MRIs, computerized tomography
  • Orthopedic care from board-certified orthopedic physicians
  • Interventional medicine
  • Chiropractic care
  • Board-certified neurosurgeons
  • Interventional pain specialists

We Can Recommend a Little Haiti Car Accident Attorney Upon Your Request

Call 388CEDA as soon as you can after an accident, so we can start working for you. The less time that you have to spend searching for legal and medical help, the more you can focus on healing. Call us today at 1-800-388-CEDA so we can help. Our doctors can treat you and we can recommend a lawyer upon your request.

388CEDA is not a law firm or an attorney referral service. 388CEDA does not provide legal advice, services, or legal representation to anyone including but not limited to visitors to this site or individuals/persons responding to our advertisements. In Florida, 388CEDA provides the following types of physician services: M.D., Orthopedic Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, General Practitioners, Nurse Practitioners, & D.C., Chiropractic Physicians that document and treat individuals that have suffered injuries. Results may vary and are not guaranteed. If you have any questions or need assistance, please call one of our agents at 388CEDA. We work with experienced attorneys.

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