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According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), it’s estimated that 80 percent of reported motorcycle accidents result in injury or death. In just 2018, there were 82,000 motorcycle injuries in the United States. After such an accident, you need medical and legal assistance. The professionals at 388CEDA can help you with both.

Our medical professionals could help develop a treatment plan to help you recover from your injuries. At your request, we can also help by referring you to qualified legal professionals. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Miramar could pursue the maximum compensation available to you based on your injuries and damages while you focus on your physical healing and recovery.

Time Limits for Filing a Motorcycle Accident Claim

After a motorcycle accident, victims often have much to worry about financially, emotionally, and physically. Amid all these issues, it’s crucial to remember that those who wish to file a personal injury suit only have a limited amount of time to do so.

Under Florida law, motorcycle accident victims have only four years from the date of their accident to file a lawsuit. Once this time limit has expired, injured individuals forfeit their right to recover their damages from the parties liable for their accident.

Contacting a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer in Miramar as soon as possible after a motorcycle accident could help you file your claim on time and help preserve necessary evidence. Waiting too long to reach out for legal help could decrease your chances of receiving the compensation you might be entitled to receive. Your attorney needs time to investigate your accident and build your case against the at-fault party. The sooner you can contact them, the sooner they could begin collecting valuable evidence to support your claim.


Benefits of a Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Many motorcycle cases reach a negotiated settlement before going to trial. The injured party’s motorcycle accident lawyer in Miramar and legal counsel for the at-fault party can negotiate the settlement terms. The chances of a settlement might depend upon the circumstances of the accident and the evidence against the at-fault party. It may take several rounds of negotiations to reach an agreeable settlement.

Both the injured party and the at-fault party could reap benefits from settling the case, such as:

  • Quicker resolution to the claim
  • Decreased financial risk
  • Decreased legal expenses
  • Less stress and emotional toll
  • More control over the outcome of the claim

The injured party isn’t obligated to accept a settlement and may choose to pursue their case to a trial. Their motorcycle accident lawyer in Miramar isn’t allowed to accept a settlement without client consent. However, the attorney could advise them on whether or not accepting the settlement is a beneficial choice in their case.


Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Florida

Of course, factors such as speed and intoxication can cause motorcycle accidents. However, there are some circumstances specific to motorcyclists that often cause accidents. These include:

  • Lane-switching accidents occur when another vehicle attempts to change lanes but doesn’t see the motorcyclist in its path
  • Left-hand turns in front of motorcyclists who are typically going straight through an intersection, passing a car, or trying to overtake a car
  • Lane splitting happens when a motorcyclist rides or moves in between two lanes of motor vehicles stopped or slowed on the road
  • Sudden stops— rear-end accidents resulting from following too closely or an abrupt stop can result in severe injury or death to a motorcyclist
  • Car doors can cause accidents and serious injuries if a driver opens the door of their parked vehicle in the path of an oncoming motorcycle

No matter the cause of your motorcycle accident, seeking medical attention for your injuries and legal help that could lead to financial recovery should be your top priority. The support of a motorcycle accident lawyer in Miramar could be what you need to pay your medical bills and other accident-related expenses.

Get Help from a Knowledgeable Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Miramar Today

Trying to recover from a motorcycle accident is a daunting task. You have physical injuries that need ongoing medical treatment, property damage to get fixed or replaced, as well as legal issues. A knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyer in Miramar could help you with your legal needs after an accident. At the same time, you focus on your physical and mental recovery and healing.

At 388CEDA, we could assist you in getting the medical treatment you need. Upon your request, we can also assist you with finding legal counsel. Contact or call us at 1-800-388-CEDA today to find out more.

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