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If it seems like there are more pedestrians on the sidewalks these days, it is because there are. People all over Miami have learned to embrace walking, both as a form of exercise and getting somewhere. Many are even abandoning their cars for good to become a pedestrian. However, the Miami area is still far from being considered pedestrian friendly.

This increases some of the dangers that they face. As much as they may be attentive and purposeful when they are walking somewhere, the drivers may be inattentive and negligent. Now more than ever, drivers may be texting or checking their social media when they are behind the wheel. When they are supposed to be focusing on the road, they are focusing on Twitter and Facebook.

The Miami Area Has Many Dangerous Intersections

While many people are moving away from cars, there are enough people in vehicles to make it dangerous. For example, the following areas are dangerous for pedestrians, with numerous accidents each year:

  • Aventura Mall
  • Julia Tuttle Causeway
  • West Flagler & 107th Street
  • Southland Mall

Florida laws protect pedestrians, but drivers do not always follow them. Motorists are supposed to yield and give pedestrians the right of way at marked and unmarked crosswalks. They face a fine and points on their license if they are caught breaking these laws. Unfortunately, law enforcement cannot catch every careless driver, and pedestrian accidents happen with frequency. In Florida, they happen much more often now than they did in the past.

The unfortunate fact is that pedestrians will suffer serious injuries when they are struck by a vehicle. They have nothing whatsoever to protect them from the trauma of a car being hit traveling at any sort of speed. Even if they are not injured by the impact itself, they will be hurt when any part of their body hits the pavement. It is very rare for a pedestrian to walk away from an accident unscathed.

Man Being Hit by Car

Always Seek Treatment After a Pedestrian Accident

Even if you feel that you were not hurt in a pedestrian accident, that is not always the case. Some physical injuries take some time to manifest after an accident. For instance, if you suffered a neck or back injury, it may not affect you right off the bat. It could start to hurt days or months later. However, it always makes sense to get checked out, even if you think that you are completely OK. At 388CEDA, we have chiropractors and orthopedists who can run the necessary MRIs and nerve tests to diagnose any injury that you may have suffered. The more time after a pedestrian accident that you wait to get diagnosis and treatment, the easier it will be for an insurance company to try to deny your claim.

Injured pedestrians who were treated at the scene would still need medical help in the days after the accident. The emergency room may treat you and send you on your way, but you could still feel continued pain in the days after the accident. Moreover, the emergency room does not provide you with thorough treatment and prognosis records.

The insurance company is going to demand detailed medical records and a clear prognosis before they are willing to even make an offer. They might not even make a realistic settlement offer unless they know the full extent of your injuries. The 388CEDA physicians can diagnose your conditions, clearly describing your experience and prognosis, so your pain and suffering is not a mystery to the insurance company.

Getting from the point of injury to financial compensation takes work, both to file the claim and negotiate the right settlement agreement with the insurance company. It may even mean that you have to file a lawsuit to get what you deserve. This is why you need a pedestrian accident attorney on your side fighting for you. 388CEDA has an entire network of proven attorneys who we work with and can recommend to you upon request.


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Call us today at 1-800-388-CEDA to learn more about the medical services we offer and how we can recommend an attorney from our network. Finding the right attorney may take some time, and we recognize that accident victims do not always have the time and bandwidth to handle these matters. This is why we try to make your life easier.

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