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When you go for a walk on Ocean Drive, you have every expectation of safety. You never think that you or a loved one would fall victim to a careless driver. However, the number of pedestrian accidents in Florida, and the country as a whole, are on the rise.

North Miami has a number of dangers for pedestrians. It is a heavily trafficked shopping area with numerous centers that people walk to on a daily basis. Compounding the traffic issues is the fact that I-95 cuts right through the heart of the neighborhood, forcing people to walk on the sidewalks of an underpass. These poorly lit places with narrow sidewalks are dangerous. The area clustered around I-95 is the most dangerous one for pedestrians in North Miami.

Pedestrian Fatality Rates Are High in Florida and North Miami

Overall, Miami has one of the highest pedestrian fatality rates in Florida and in the entire country. From 20008 to 2017, a pedestrian was killed in Miami almost every other day. This hardly makes for a walkable city, and the problem is only getting worse as fatality rates increase across the country. In Florida, the pedestrian fatality rate is nearly twice what it is in the rest of the country.

Florida, and the North Miami area, is still a car mecca, even as other cities move to become more walkable. The explosive growth in the area means wide and crowded streets that present a tough maze for pedestrians. The area’s growth was not planned with pedestrians in mind.

In addition, the older population in Florida may take longer to cross the street than others. While they have the right-of-way no matter how long they are in the crosswalk for, impatient drivers may not always follow the law. Miami was built with cars in mind, and pedestrians are trying to live in that world.

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Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries

When a pedestrian is struck by a car, they are likely to suffer serious injuries. Even those who are not severely hurt on the spot will learn in the days following the accident that they did not walk away unscathed. It is very rare for a pedestrian not to be hurt in an accident given the weight and force that a car or truck bears on them. Common pedestrian accident injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Broken bones
  • Serious internal injuries

Nearly a decade ago, the National Safety Council calculated the average cost of a pedestrian injury to be near $60,000. Given the steep inflation of medical care costs, one could expect that would reach six-figures today. The costs of a pedestrian accident are obviously much higher when there is a fatality involved given the wrongful death damages that families can receive.


Help You Need After a Pedestrian Accident

All of this means that you could receive significant financial compensation if someone else was at fault for your pedestrian accident. However, first the insurance company may try to point a finger at the victim to get away without paying the claim. This is why you need to hire a pedestrian accident attorney. Your lawyer would fight for your legal rights and make sure that your side of the story is heard. Then, they could either negotiate a settlement on your behalf or file a lawsuit if necessary. Never assume that, just because you are hurt, you are automatically entitled to compensation and the insurance company will easily write you a check.

Injured pedestrians need a variety of services after their accident. First, they require physicians to treat their injuries. At 388CEDA, our physicians provide diagnostic and treatment services to both help you recover and give you a medical file that you can use for your insurance claim. Then, our network of experienced pedestrian accident attorneys stands ready to represent you and fight for you to receive the compensation that you deserve. All you need to do is call and ask us for an attorney recommendation.

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388CEDA Recommends Experienced Attorneys Upon Request

If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident, the time to start the legal process is now. The longer you wait, the more you risk losing evidence in your case and getting challenged by the insurance company. Call us today at 1-800-388-CEDA to learn how we can help you medically and legally. We make life easier for accident victims, so their families can focus on recovery and dealing with this difficult time.

*388CEDA is not a law firm or an attorney referral service. 388CEDA does not provide legal advice, services, or legal representation to anyone including but not limited to visitors to this site or individuals/persons responding to our advertisements. In Florida, 388CEDA provides the following types of physician services: M.D., Orthopedic Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, General Practitioners, Nurse Practitioners, & D.C., Chiropractic Physicians that document and treat individuals that have suffered injuries. Results may vary and are not guaranteed. If you have any questions or need assistance, please call one of our agents at 388CEDA. We work with experienced attorneys.

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