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Personal injuries are those that arise due to the actions or inactions of another party. In other words, someone else is negligent in causing their injuries. There are many different types of personal injuries, such as:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • ATV accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Defective products

No matter how your personal injury occurred, you deserve the best medical care and legal counsel to help you move forward in life. At 388CEDA, we not only provide you with the medical diagnosis and treatment your injury warrants, but we can also refer you to experienced lawyers upon your request.

The Importance of Early Medical Treatment

After a personal injury, your first step should be to seek medical treatment right away. Even if you feel fine or don’t think you are seriously injured, you should always have a medical exam. Doctors know what kinds of questions to ask and tests to run depending on the type of accident you were in. Many injuries can be made worse by not being treated as soon as possible after they occur. Don’t take chances when it comes to your health.

Personal Injury Accident Statute of Limitations Florida

It’s also crucial to seek legal help as soon as you can after a personal injury. This is primarily because all states impose a deadline for filing personal injury claims, called the statute of limitations. In Florida, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is four years from the accident date. Under Florida Statutes Annotated section 95.11(3)), you must file a lawsuit in Florida’s civil courts within this window of time. Otherwise, the court will most likely refuse to hear it.

Sometimes personal injuries aren’t discovered for some time after the incident that caused the injury. In these cases, the deadline to file an injury lawsuit can be extended. Other exceptions that might change the applicable statute of limitations include:

  • Filing an injury claim against the government (state or local) which decreases the statute of limitations
  • If the injured person is a minor child
  • If the person who caused the injury leaves the state

Keep in mind that these statutes of limitations apply to most, but not all, Florida personal injury cases. Like most states, there are specific statutes of limitations governing personal injuries caused by medical malpractice, for instance.

It’s in your best interests to meet with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after you are injured. Your attorney can help you understand the applicable deadlines in your case and make certain you don’t miss them.

What is a Personal Injury Settlement?

Most pedestrian accident cases lead to the negotiation of a settlement and never make it to trial. Settlements are negotiated through direct communication between the opposing attorneys, at a mediation conference, or both. Settlements are often preferable for both sides as they bring the lawsuit to a close sooner and are less costly and risky than going to trial.

It is not uncommon for these negotiations to happen over several months or there to be lots of offers back and forth. It is ultimately up to you as to whether you want to accept the settlement offer or not. However, you should consult with your Kendall personal injury attorney when making this decision. Once you accept a settlement, you must agree not to file a lawsuit for the same cause of action again. A full and fair settlement amount can depend upon the types of injuries you sustained, the amount of medical bills that resulted, the extent of your lost wages, and your pain and suffering. More serious injuries should garner higher settlement amounts.

Request Your Legal Referral Today from 388CEDA

If you’ve sustained a personal injury, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you get the medical care you need to recover physically. Upon your request, we can refer you to an attorney who can guide you in your next steps to recover financially. Call 1-800-388-CEDA today to find out more. 

*388CEDA is not a law firm or an attorney referral service. 388CEDA does not provide legal advice, services, or legal representation to anyone including but not limited to visitors to this site or individuals/persons responding to our advertisements. In Florida, 388CEDA provides the following types of physician services: M.D., Orthopedic Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, General Practitioners, Nurse Practitioners, & D.C., Chiropractic Physicians that document and treat individuals that have suffered injuries. Results may vary and are not guaranteed. If you have any questions or need assistance, please call one of our agents at 388CEDA. We work with experienced attorneys.

Types Of Accidents

truck driving on highway


Vehicle accidents are an unfortunate way of life.  Automobile, motorcycle and truck accidents happen, and happen frequently. By calling 388CEDA we can help you move forward.

man driving a woman


Ride-share travel has become commonplace; as it has, so have ride share accidents.  One can be injured not only while traveling, but also from entering and exiting the ride share, and even from the intentional acts of the driver. By calling 388CEDA we can help you move forward.

man holding his knee

Slip And Fall

Slip and fall and pedestrian accidents can occur anywhere.  Grocery and retail stores, shopping malls, office buildings, theaters. By calling 388CEDA we can help you move forward.

woman in hard hat


Workplace accidents happen.  Most workplace accidents are covered under a state mandated compensation program; whether you will need/be able to participate in this program will depend on your employer. By calling 388CEDA we can help you move forward.



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