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Workplace accidents can have a tremendous impact on your life. Many businesses have rules in place to deal with workers’ compensation and establishing who will take care of your medical care after an accident. Although many companies have insurance that covers claims of workplace injuries, often this coverage may not cover all of your medical bills, and you may have to prove that you weren’t being careless or reckless.

A work accident attorney in Miami can assist you in pursuing your claim, protecting you from the company, and making sure that you are treated fairly.

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Workplace Accidents and Your Medical Care

Workplace accidents can vary, although each type of workplace and industry has its own unique types of injuries. Diagnosing your injuries from the accident can be tricky, and needs insight from medical experts who can not just look for the initial injury, but also look for secondary injuries and other damage that may not present right away.

Slips and falls are extremely common in the workplace, and these kinds of accidents often result in ongoing pain and lack of mobility for the sufferer. At 388CEDA, we’re experienced in working with accident victims, including those who have been hurt on the job. Our team of specialists includes surgeons and medical care workers that are experts in diagnosing injuries to the neck and spinal cord, plus other common workplace injuries. Our offices have everything under one roof, from a surgery center to physical therapists, making it easier for our patients to receive the care they need all at once, with a team that collaborates on your behalf.

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Workplace Accidents and Your Medical Care

Even if you’re working with the Human Resources department in your company and the business’s insurance company, you may still need representation. HR and the company’s insurance company work for the company – not always for you – and you may not receive coverage for any chiropractor services or physical and occupational therapy sessions to help you regain mobility. Plus, the accident may have affected your ability to continue in the same job, or even your ability to work at all.

A workplace accident attorney can help you in many ways, starting with initial compensation for the injury and immediate treatment, and compensation for any lost wages as you recover. Plus, some settlements from workers’ compensation claims may not cover the impact on your quality of life or even ongoing care for recovery. Still other people may require homemaker and home health care assistance after they’ve been hurt at work.

In these cases, you do need talented legal representation, aggressive litigation lawyers with experience in workers’ compensation cases. At 388CEDA, we can recommend a lawyer for you, someone who will diligently work on your behalf to build a strong case to get you all the compensation you’re entitled to.

Aggressive Workplace Accident Lawyers Work For You

Building a strong case for an insurance company starts with properly documenting your injuries and the circumstances under which they occurred. Medical records, detailing the extent of your treatment and recommendations from your treatment team for aftercare, are also important, as paying for this ongoing medical care should be the responsibility of the party at fault. Your lawyer can present a case strong enough for insurance companies and businesses to listen. Plus, the treatment team at 388CEDA will provide all the information your Miami workplace lawyer needs.

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