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One moment, you’re innocently shopping in your favorite store, and then next, you’re lying on the ground, hurt, scared, and dazed – the victim of a slip and fall accident. Many businesses have policies in place to protect customers and workers from slips and skids on wet floors, but accidents can happen. If you’ve fallen on the floor at a shop, restaurant, hotel, or other commercial business, you’ve probably gotten a host of injuries that aren’t always straightforward. Luckily, treatment is available from the experts at 388CEDA.


Why You Need a Slip and Fall Attorney in Miami

Even if you don’t feel hurt right away after falling on a floor in a commercial area, you may have problems with your neck, spine, or joints as a result of the fall. Often, these injuries need a professional diagnosis, and some injuries may even seem like nothing, at first. However, landing on a hard surface and possibly hurting a wrist or ankle trying to catch yourself can lead to a whole host of other injuries to your joints. Diagnosing these is a professional job, and the treatment can take some time to complete.

A Miami slip and fall attorney can help you pay for the initial treatment from your accident, plus any other care you’ll need afterward. This can include surgery, including specialist orthopedic surgery, physical therapy, and care from a physical therapist or chiropractor. At 388CEDA, we have a comprehensive accident treatment clinic, one that includes a surgeon’s theater, physical therapy, and chiropractor services. Plus, all of our trained clinic staff understand what can happen with slip and fall accidents and what to look for.

Look For the most aggressive Slip & Fall Lawyer in Miami

Your attorney won’t just ensure that you get coverage for your medical bills, but also any compensation for time lost at work and coverage for ongoing medical treatment. In order for this treatment to be covered after a slip and fall accident, however, the medical care team needs to document your injuries ad find the ones attributed to the accident. Other services from a comprehensive care clinic include logging your physical therapy so that all the care you need is covered by the party at fault.

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