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Truck accidents are different from the general car wrecks between a couple of regular, non-commercial automobiles. Firstly, injuries from truck wrecks can often be a lot more serious – these vehicles weigh about 20 to 30 times what a passenger car does, and for the driver of the smaller vehicle, truck wrecks may even be fatal. Injuries may require hospitalization afterward and can be extensive. However, if you weren’t at fault in a truck accident, you have options – and an aggressive Miami truck accident lawyer can help.
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How Is a Truck Accident Different From a Car Crash?

Truck drivers are held to strict regulations and standards, and the regulations for trucking companies are strictly enforced. These include how many hours truckers are allowed to drive each day and the industry itself has put in place mandatory rest periods. Many companies also have drug and alcohol screening for their employees and are strict about use. A truck accident lawyer in Miami can help their client gain access to these records, and determine whether the truck driver was negligent in the case.

These regulations mean that the driver themselves may not be the only responsible party in your accident. According to the rules covering the trucking industry, the company that employs the driver may also hold some of the responsibility for the wreck. However, determining fault can be tricky, and the insurance companies for the trucking company and the individual driver don’t usually offer a settlement that covers all your medical bills. In order to receive the compensation for your hospital stay, and surgeries, and ongoing treatment after the fact, you need services from an experienced truck accident attorney in Miami.

After-Effects of a Trucking Accident

Common injuries from a truck accident can include anything from facial lacerations and broken bones to neck and spinal injuries that can be permanently debilitating. Some people may lose limbs or full mobility, including paralysis, after a trucking accident. A talented truck accident lawyer in Miami can help you build your case, including determining which party or parties share responsibility for compensating you for your hardships.

Determining the extent of your injuries is also critical, and treating them professionally, with the goal of ensuring that you are able to have full mobility and are able to work and enjoy everyday life, is critical.


388CEDA – Comprehensive Care After a Truck Accident

The pain after a truck accident can be extensive, and rehabilitation may take weeks or even months. The offices of 388CEDA are a one-stop-shop to help patients who have been injured in truck accidents, from a talented team of surgeons, including orthopedic specialists, to physical and occupational therapists and even chiropractors, most aggressive of all, since we’ve worked with accident victims for so many years, we understand the documentation that your truck accident lawyer will need to make a strong case on your behalf.

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