When you have a pain in your back, neck, or elsewhere in your body, it can be quite the difficult ordeal. This pain can become excruciating, and can make it difficult for you to even live your everyday life without serious discomfort.

Plenty of people deal with this type of pain, which is perhaps why chiropractors make up a $19.5 billion business today. This pain can come about due to aging, injury, or when you are involved in some sort of legal accident.

People also often turn to massage therapists to heal different types of pain. But what is the difference between these professionals?

The tips below will assist you if you are weighing the difference between hiring a chiropractor vs massage therapist and don’t quite know where to start.

The Work of a Chiropractor vs Massage Therapist

Start by getting to know what a licensed chiropractor does vs the type of work a massage therapist provides. When you know this, you can figure out if you’d like to hire either a professional, or if a combination of both makes sense.

Chiropactors are certified by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), while massage therapists receive certification through their state and belong to organizations like the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). There is some intersectionality between the two fields, but knowing the differences will help.

Chiropractors Deal With the Musculoskeletal System

The major difference is that chiropractors deal with the spine and the musculoskeletal system as a whole. Many different areas of health and wellness are tied to the alignment and condition of the spine.

These professionals focus on the bones and discs, which will affect the nerves that are connected to the spine.

Go to the Chiropractor to Learn the Cause of Your Pain

Since chiropractors deal directly with the spine and the system of nerves that interact with the spine, chiropractors are helpful when you need to get to the root cause of your pain. Place a visit to the chiropractor when you need a diagnosis that paints the big picture.

From here, you can keep going to the chiropractor or visit any number of pain management professionals that you see fit.

Massage Therapists Manipulate Muscles and Tissues

While chiropractors deal with the spine, massage therapists deal directly with the muscles and tissues. They manipulate these muscles and tissues to relieve tension that is building up and contributing to your pain. These professionals can work out knots and any sticking points that lead to your ongoing pain.

Many people decide to get regular massage therapy from a licensed massage therapist after their initial pain consultation or diagnosis. It helps people feel better in their bodies so that they can get back to their regular condition.

There has been a 14% increase in massage therapists within the past decade. There are several professional massage therapy options you can turn to if this is the track you decide to take.

Chiropractors Provide Adjustments and Alignments

While some chiropractors provide professional massage services, it’s not their specialty, nor is it a given. You are more likely to have chiropractors provide you with spinal adjustments and alignments. They correct issues with your spine so that you have better posture, reduce tension on nerves, and can heal your pain at the cause.

Getting ongoing adjustments can help a person relieve pain long-term.

Massage Therapists Target Pain With Various Techniques

If you decide to get professional massage therapy, you should know the different types of massage and pain relief techniques they offer. These pros will give you a consultation to figure out the type of pain you are dealing with, along with the severity, location, and consistency.

They offer several different types of massage, such as:

  • Swedish massage therapy
  • Sports massage therapy
  • Shiatsu massage therapy
  • Hot stone massage therapy
  • Deep tissue massage therapy
  • Trigger point massage therapy
  • Reflexology massage therapy

Get to know the difference between these massage services and ask your therapist how frequently you will have to get massages before you start experiencing significant results.

They Both Provide Different Types of Holistic Healing

When you go to a massage therapist or a chiropractor they can help you feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. Relieving the pain and tension in your body as a whole can lower your stress levels, give you clearer thoughts, and help you sleep better at night.

Deep healing is important if you’re pursuing a legal case. If you’re facing a legal accident since these issues compound over time and the legal process can be quite lengthy. No matter which professional you choose, consider their specialty, education, and background, and choose the best options available.

Work with an accident attorney that can help you put together your case so that you can seek damages that pay for your pain relief and recovery.

Get the Professional Pain Relief from a Miami Accident Clinic

Knowing the differences between a chiropractor vs massage therapist is your first step when you’re ready to move forward and get past your pain problems. The key takeaway is that both are helpful. Figure out what works best for your situation.

We’d be happy to assist you when you’re ready to receive the legal help that you need to move forward with your personal injury case. This will help you get the healing that you need without it hurting your finances. To speak to our accident attorneys, get in touch online, or give us a call at 1(800)388CEDA.